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About EasyCS

This site was primarily designed to be a useful revision aid to CS students, a guiding path for enthusiasts seeking to self-study, or a quick reference point for tech professionals looking to brush up in a particular area. For the most part, each subject area can be studied entirely independent of each other, meaning you are completely free to pick your own way through them. Although, it is advisable to start with the computer science fundamentals section if you are not already familiar with the subjects covered in it.



Why study computer science?

There are many reasons to study CS in this increasingly digital age. Computers and technology have been incorporated into almost every aspect of our daily lives and an understanding of this diverse subject gives you a greater understanding of the technology our lives are so dependent on. As well as opening the door to countless opportunities in almost every industry and field imaginable.

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What can I do with a computer science degree?

Computer science skills are incredibly varied due to the diverse nature of such a broad field of study. Because of this, computer science skills are in incredibly high demand across almost every industry imaginable. Follow the button below to find our complete guide to exactly how you can put your computer science degree to good use:





Core subject areas


Computer Science Fundamentals

Here you’ll find the solid foundational aspects of CS. These are the basic fundamentals needed to better understand the more complex cs modules further in. Things such as algorithms, computers in society, ethics and laws, and the ICT systems life cycle are within here.

Computer Architecture

Computer architecture is an in-depth look at what makes a modern computer work, how the crucial components function, how they come together to make a complete system, and how they are then improved with an OS and application programs.

Computer Networks

This Computer networks section takes a look at the different ways in which two or more machines can be connected, how they can communicate and share files and resources, and the underlying hardware, software, and protocols that make it all possible.