Benefits of computers on society


The benefits of computers on society are numerous, with computers significantly impacting almost every aspect of modern life as we know it. Some examples are below:




Computers allow students and parents to better research and compare suitable educational establishments. Computers also aid students in their work, researching subject matters, templates for producing work in suitable formats, word counts, spelling and grammar checkers, and increased communication methods with teachers and other students.

Teachers have increased communication methods with their peers, increased access to teaching resources, grading systems and reporting, digitally hosting assignments, digitally allowing assignment submissions, and plagiarism checkers.


Workplace and roles


As well as creating multiple industries, computers have created the need for many other roles in existing industries. The ability to better communicate with staff, the ability to better connect with customers, increased options for employee training, better record handling, more advanced trend predictions, and customer analysis, are just some of the ways the workplace has been improved by computers.




Healthcare has been improved exponentially by the introduction of computers. Research, computer simulations, knowledge sharing amongst doctors and other professionals, better storage of, and access to, patient records, advanced imaging machines, and remote-controlled surgery are just some of the positive impacts computers have had on healthcare.




Weather predictions, automated farming equipment, land assessments, yield predictions, automated re-ordering for seeds and other necessities, and genetically engineered crops have all contributed massively to agriculture over the years with incredible results, and all involve computers in one way or another.




There are many aspects to the entertainment industry that have been improved by computers. Take the music industry, for example, people now have access to almost all music via various online services, Amateur musicians also have a better chance of being discovered thanks to social media and streaming sites.

Casinos no longer need bricks and mortar buildings, they can instead exist solely online.

Gaming is no longer a thing reserved for arcades thanks to numerous home gaming systems, and online gaming sites.

Even something such as reading has been changed for the better now that people can store hundreds of books digitally, whereas before they would struggle to store that many physical books in most houses.




Industrial robots, automated productions lines, robotic picking and packing machines, 3D printing, automated CNC machines, and robotic welding systems have all changed the manufacturing industry for the better, enabling manufacturing to be a 24/7 process, saving fortunes on labor costs, and increasing consistent quality and efficiency exponentially.




Whether it’s booking a holiday online, checking into an airport before you’ve arrived, comparing hotel prices and exchange rates without ever leaving your front door, ordering a taxi via an app on your phone, providing evidence of a ticket digitally, or even just relaxing in the back seat while you’re self-driving car chauffeurs you around, computers have helped make drastic changes to the way we travel.




Communication is a key aspect of society and the way society communicates has changed drastically over the years thanks to computers and technology.

There are now many different ways for people to communicate. You can send your letters electronically as email. You can send text messages through your mobile phone, you can send pictures and videos to people as well as communicate in different ways online through social media sites and, forums and group chat applications.


You can see an interesting video on the impact of computers from Microsoft below: