A brief history of computers

  Early computers Computers predate silicon microchips and CPUs by many years. The cutting edge PCs we are familiar with today can follow their underlying foundations back to basic computational machines that were significantly different from what they are today. By definition, a computer is quite simply a device that can perform mathematical calculations or […]

Online communities and sharing

  The origins and evolution of online communities When many people hear the phrase “online community” they immediately think of common social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In actual fact, there are several different types of online communities and some of them have been around longer than the popular social networks used today. Forums […]

Benefits of computers on society

  The benefits of computers on society are numerous, with computers significantly impacting almost every aspect of modern life as we know it. Some examples are below:   Education   Computers allow students and parents to better research and compare suitable educational establishments. Computers also aid students in their work, researching subject matters, templates for […]