CISSP 50 Question Quiz


CISSP 50 Question Quiz

CISSP 50 Question Quiz

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Which of the following would security personnel do during the remediation stage of an incident response?

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Which one of the following is not a principle of Agile development?

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Which of the following types of access control uses fences, security policies, security awareness training, and antivirus software to stop an unwanted or unauthorised activity from occurring?

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Which one of the following types of attacks relies on the difference between the timing of two events?

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Which of the following best identifies the benefit of a passphrase?

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A central authority determines which file a user can access based on the organisation's hierarchy. Which of the following best describes this?

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What ensures that the subject of an activity or event cannot deny that the event occurred?

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What form of access control is primarily concerned with the data stored by a field?

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What HTML tag is often used as part of a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack?

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What kind of attack makes the Caesar cipher virtually unusable?

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Which federal government agency has responsibility for ensuring the security of government computer systems that are not used to process sensitive and/or classified information?

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What type of electrical component serves as the primary building block for dynamic RAM chips?

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What type of interface testing would identify flaws in a program's command-line interface?

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If somebody has developed a company formula that they would like to keep secret for as long as possible. What type of intellectual property protection best suits their needs?

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Which one of the following is not normally included in a security assessment?

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Which one of the following tests provides the most accurate and detailed information about the security state of a server?

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What type of reconnaissance attack provides attackers with useful information about the services running on a system?

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Some cloud-based service models require an organisation to perform some maintenance and take responsibility for some security. Which of the following is a service model that places most of these responsibilities on the organisation leasing the cloud-based resources?

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During what type of penetration test does the tester always have access to the system configuration?

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Which one of the following Data Encryption Standard (DES) operating modes can be used for large messages with the assurance that an error early in the encryption/decryption process won't spoil results throughout the communication?

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Which one of the following storage devices is most likely to require encryption technology in order to maintain data security in a networked environment?

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What portion of the change management process allows developers to prioritise tasks?

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What approach to failure management places the system in a high level of security?

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Which one of the following factors should not be taken into consideration when planning a security testing schedule for a particular system?

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Which of the following is not a valid definition for risk?

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Which of the following is a primary purpose of an exit interview?

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What is both a benefit and a potentially harmful implication of multilayer protocols?

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Which one of the following technologies is considered flawed and should no longer be used?

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What database technology, if implemented for web forms, can limit the potential for SQL injection attacks?

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What type of memory is directly available to the CPU and is often part of the CPU?

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What is the main purpose of a military and intelligence attack?

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Which of the following is not a security-focused design element of a facility or site?

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What port is typically used to accept administrative connections using the SSH utility?

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Which of the following is not a valid access control model?

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Which one of the following risks is least likely to be adequately addressed by a quantitative risk assessment?

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What is the typical time estimate to activate a warm site from the time a disaster is declared?

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What is encapsulation?

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If you were to build a databse table consisting of the names, telephone numbers, and customer IDs for a business and then insert information on 30 customers. What is the degree of this table?

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What is the primary objective of data classification schemes?

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In which of the following database recovery techniques is an exact, up-to-date copy of the database maintained at an alternative location?

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What type of application vulnerability most directly allows an attacker to modify the content of a system's memory?

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Which one of the following BIA terms identifies the amount of money a business expects to lose to a given risk each year?

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An aircraft manufacturer expects that it would lose $10 million if a tornado struck its aircraft operations facility. It expects that a tornado might strike the facility once every 100 years. What is the annualised loss expectancy?

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What type of disaster recovery plan test fully evaluates operations at the backup facility but does not shift primary operations responsibility from the main site?

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Which criminal law first implemented penalties for the creators of viruses, worms, and other types of malware?

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Which one of the following tools provides a solution to the problem of users forgetting complex passwords?

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How does a SYN flood attack work?

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What is the best type of water-based fire suppression system for a computer facility?

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During an operational investigation, what type of analysis might an organisation undertake to prevent similar incidents in the future?

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Which of the following is not a routing protocol?

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