CISSP Quick 20 Question Quiz

CISSP Quick 20 Questions

A quick 20 question quiz to be used as a fun way to brush up on your intermediate level information security skills or to revise for your upcoming CISSP exam.

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What is the first step that individuals responsible for the development of a business continuity plan should perform?

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You compute the digest of a single sentence of text using a SHA-2 hash function. You then change a single character of the sentence and compute the hash value again. Which one of the following statements is trueabout the new hash value?

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Which of the following is not considered a violation of confidentiality?

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What disaster recovery planning tool can be used to protect an organisation against the failure of a critical software firm to provide appropriate support for their products?

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Which one of the following is not a requirement that internet service providers must satisfy in order to gain protection under the "transitory activities" clause of the digital millenium copyright act?

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Which of the following statements are not true in regards to static electricity?

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What would detect when a user has more privileges than necessary?

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What is needed to allow an external client to initiate a communication sesison with an internal system if the network uses a NAT proxy?

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What combination of backup strategies provides the fastest backup restoration time?

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Which one of the following disaster types is not normally covered by standard business or homeowner's insurance?

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What law protects the right of citizens to privacy by placing restrictions on the authority granted to government agencies to search private residences and facilities?

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A user logs in with a login ID and a password. What is the purpose of the login ID?

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What technology allows for phone conversations to occur over an existing TCP/IP network and internet connection?

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If a security mechanism offers availability, then it offers a high level of assurance that authorised subjects can _____ the data, objects and resources.

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______ refers to keeping information confidential that is personally identifiable or that might cause harm, embarrassment, or disgrace to someone if revealed.

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Which of the following can help mitigate the success of an online brute-force attack?

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If you wanted to test your application against slightly modified versions of previously used input. What type of test would you be intending to perform?

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What is the annualised loss expectancy of a $15 million facility from hurricanes that have a 10% chance of happening once per year and are expected to destroy 50% of the facility each time?

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Richard received an encrypted message sent to him from Sue. Which key should he use to decrypt the message?

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What part of the TCB concept validates access to every resource prior to granting the requested access?

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