Computer Science Fundamentals

Welcome to our computer science fundamentals page. Here you’ll find a series of introductory subjects that will provide a solid foundation of knowledge needed to better make sense of the more advanced topics elsewhere on our site.


Computers in society

An introduction to computer science along with a brief history of computers and various ways computers effect society and how society in return is effecting the world of computer science.

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ICT Systems Life Cycle

Find out about the typical life cycle of an IT system.

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Ethics and laws

Having a base understanding of the various laws regarding computing and information and how they apply to different roles and industries is vastly relevant to many career paths in technology related fields. Also relevant is the code of ethics you’d need in various fields.

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Essentially a finite series of steps, rules, or processes that, when followed in a specific order, will solve a problem. Algorithms have been around for a very long time and can be seen around us in our everyday lives. Understanding how they apply to computer science is a fundamental must and will help with the programming section when you progress to it.

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Computer logic

Learn about the underlying logic that governs all computers.

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Number systems

There are several different systems for numbers in computer science, find out what they are and when they are typically used.

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