Information Security

What is information security?

Information security is a wide ranging yet increasingly crucial topic for businesses around the world. Often shortened to InfoSec it refers to the practice of maintaining the security of information assets and intellectual property (IP) belonging to an individual, industy or government organisation. Frequently when studying or discussing the security of information assets and IP you will hear of, or come across the concept of the CIA Triad. The CIA Triad is arguably the core underlying concept of InfoSec and stands for confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). Ensuring the security of information assets and IP is therefore essentially the act of utilising a variety of tools and best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of those assets and IP.

Here you’ll find everything you need to achieve your InfoSec goals, whether that be research for a computing course you are currently enrolled on, research for a new position you have gained requiring knowledge of this topic, or an existing professional wishing to study for an intermediate level industry certification such as CISSP. If you are studying for a certification such as CISSP don’t forget to also check out our Quizzes and Tools page to find more interactive resources to help you brush up for your all important exam.


The importance of Information Security

An introduction to Information security and its increasing importance amongst organisations and industries.

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InfoSec frameworks, standards, laws and regulations

Find out about the InfoSec frameworks, standards, laws and regulatory requirements driving the increasing focus on this key area of security.

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Qualifications and certifications

Looking to become an InfoSec professional? Or looking to supercharge your existing InfoSec powers? This section looks at some of the many qualifications, certifications, and InfoSec career pathways available.

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Information security management

Everything you need to know about InfoSec management, from assessing the current InfoSec posture of an organisation, to planning justifiable improvements, to actually implementing changes and improvements in a safe and controlled manner and finally to testing changes and implementations and learning from these instances as part of an organisation’s continous improvement.

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