Importance of information security

Importance of information security

The importance of information security cannot be overstated. It is the combined use of technologies, standards, policies and procedures that are utilised across an organisation and it’s systems with the specific goal of keeping the information and intellectual property secure not just for the sake of the organisation but for the sake of the employees, clients, industry and agency partners, and the organisation’s suppliers.

Information security provides key assurances to an organisation, its stakeholders, its customers, its suppliers and regulators that appropriate security measures are in place for the secure processing, transmission, storage and deletion of the various data types involved in the organisation’s operations.

Without effective information security in place an organisation could:

  • Lose sensitive data
  • Have sensitive data stolen / leaked
  • Be in breach of data privacy laws
  • Be in breach of national or industry regulations
  • Lose key accreditations and the ability to work in certain industries
  • Be subject to various fines
  • Be subject to investigations and possible imprisonment of individuals involved
  • Lose trade secrets / market edge to competitors
  • Be subject to significant brand / reputational damage

As you can see from the list above, information security is just as crucial to the ongoing success of organisations as other  key business areas such as marketing and finance and should form just as central a piece of the business.