Why study computer science?

Are you one of the many prospective students asking themselves: why study computer science?

Then we’re here to help. Computer science is fundamentally about solving problems through technology. Whether through developing new technology, improving existing technology, changing the way we use technology, or changing the way we view technology. At the heart of it all, lies problems to be solved in some manner.

This makes CS one of the broadest fields of study available today.

Combine that with the fact that computers and technology are now closely tied into almost every aspect of our daily lives, and that incredibly diverse subject also becomes one of the most relevant you can study today.

Still not convinced?

We’ve outlined some of the more compelling reasons to study CS below:


Our top 8 reasons to study computer science


  1. Relevance to modern life – 
    Computing is incorporated into almost every aspect of our lives. This really is one of the most relevant fields of study available to you.
  2. Student’s future prospects – 
    Computer science qualifications are vastly sought after due to their incredible relevance, and transferable skills they instill. Regardless of your plans for the future, you will likely be able to make use of the transferable skills you will develop. Meaning CS really can help you achieve your goals.
  3. Potential Money – 
    Computer scientist, developer, researcher, engineer, and many other CS related roles can all typically pay huge sums. CS really could lead to a lucrative career path.
  4. Variety of possible industries – 
    CS has undoubtedly made an impact in whatever industry you have decided you would like to work in. Investigate how CS has made that impact, and you’ll be able to work out exactly how CS can get you into your dream industry.
  5. Potential year in industry – 
    There are many universities that offer certain CS courses that come with a year in industry. This could be a great way for those people that do want to work in a specific industry to get vital work experience to help you get there.
  6. Problem solving – 
    People who love solving problems will simply love studying this subject. 
  7. Future proofing – 
    Let’s face it, computing and technology are so tied into our lifestyles that they’re here to stay. By studying something this relevant you are also securing your future. 
  8. Creativity and innovation – 
    For those creative minds that simply love designing, building, and innovating, there really is no better subject to study.


Still need convincing to study CS?

If after all that, we still haven’t convinced you that studying computer science is a great idea. Then perhaps this article from the complete university guide can convince you. Or perhaps you’ll be convinced by this short video about why computer science students chose to study it at the University of Birmingham:




Alright, I’m in, what now?

Great, we’ve convinced you that studying CS is the way forward. What next?

Well, you can start by studying our computer science fundamentals, or you can start by comparing CS degree options.